Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

The ‘Crystal Clear’ skin system gently and effectively exfoliates the outer layers of the skin, increasing new collagen, elastin and promotes cell renewal. It treats various skin conditions on the face and body and provides immediate visible results.

Crystal Clear Brightening (30 mins): £35.00
For an instant pick me up, this quick and effective treatment removes dead skin cells leaving the skin clean and bright.

Crystal Clear Lift (45 mins): £45.00
Using the combination of microdermabrasion and a lifting hydrating mask, the skins surface is stimulated to promote healthy growth, adding nourishment leaving the skin looking radiant.

Crystal Clear Hydrate (1 hour): £55.00
This treatment utilises a high pressure of oxygen directly into the skin to aid firmness, elasticity and hydration. Oxygen therapy replenishes dull, tired skin visibly plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.

Crystal Clear Lift and Hydrate (1 hour 15 mins): £70.00
The ultimate combined skin treatment.

Naturally Thinking

This natural facial skin care range is loving to your skin and naturally rejuvenating. It is pure aromatherapy, vegan friendly, parabens free and made from the finest ingredients.

Naturally Thinking Aroma (45 mins):
This facial improves circulation and helps eliminate toxins using essential massage oils and pressure point techniques. A deeply relaxing treatment.

Naturally Thinking Luxury (1 hour): £48.00
Melt away the stresses of the day with this luxury treatment. Starting with a light exfoliation, the back is then massaged to release tension and aid relaxation. Treatment is continued with a rehydrating facial and pressure point massage on the face and scalp.

Eye Revive (30 mins): £25.00
Awaken and hydrate tired eyes with this gentle eye treatment. Using massage and an eye mask to eliminate toxins and promote circulation.